We aggregate 3rd party weather forecasts and deliver the highest accuracy one



Weather forecasts from different providers are often contradictory. Which one can you trust?

WxM tracks the performance of 3rd party forecasts in order to give you the most reliable, accurate forecast per location.

When it comes to weather forecast, you have lots of choices. So why not choose the most accurate?

Download WeatherXM to your Android and get the weather from the best provider for your location.

Weather ex Machina Android app

The Problem

Contradicting weather reports

Weather forecasts from different providers are often contradictory. Which one can you trust?

Weather is perhaps the single largest external swing factor in business performance – responsible for an annual economic impact of nearly half a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone. However, accurate weather prediction is still an open scientific question. Different meteorological models provide different predictions for the same location. In addition to business, weather uncertainty also impacts our everyday lives, from commuting to sports and outdoor activities. This leaves us in an critical predicament: which weather forecast can we trust?

The Service

Tracking the performance of every forecast provider

We have created a service that aggregates and compares third-party forecasts with real-time weather conditions in order to measure forecasting accuracy per location and forecasting provider. Often one forecasting provider performs better than others on specific locations. This information gives you confidence to take the best course of action in your business and everyday life.

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The App

Personalized weather forecast

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Weather ex Machina Android app

The WeatherXM app hides the complexity and displays the most important weather information in a user-friendly manner.

Forecasts from multiple 3rd party providers are aggregated and displayed for location of interest in one screen, to easily identify conflicts or agreement.

Each forecast receives a score based on previous performance for this location. Therefore one can easily identify the most reliable forecast as well as the probability of the forecast actually happening.

Icons and overall user interface have been designed to allow for comparison between the providers.

Soon, smartphone’s sensors and user feedback will be utilized to create knowledge on actual conditions. Users will be able to report inaccurate published conditions, contributing to the improvement of our services.


Our broad technological background allows us to combine a number of cutting edge technologies in our solutions. From embedded hardware such as Espressif ESP8266, Microchip RN2483,  TI CC3200, MediaTek MT2502, BeagleBone, RPi, Intel NUC to Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark with mongoDB and Apache HBASE as well as bigdata/smartcity open source projects like and We are currently developing our own open source hardware weather station (wPyramid), adopting a number of innovative approaches in environmental sensing as well as in communications using the LoRaWAN wireless technology. Our goal is to create a low-cost, solid state weather sensor that can be deployed in large scale grid topology in order to provide real-time weather radar-like services as well as a plethora of other weather analytics which can be build on top. To achieve this on a global scale, we are part of TheThingsNetwork deploying LoRaWAN gateways in areas of interest. A simple, very low cost, DIY friendly version of our hardware is also under development as an open hardware project in our github.

WxM Architecture with wPyramid

wPyramid in action

 wPyramid in action


Ensuring the prosperity of our weather-sensitive economy and life

EX Machina (EXM) is a Private Company founded in 2015. Our mission is to advance the reliability in global weather forecasting through innovative tools and services that employ Big Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and community engagement.

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